Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Sestina to Mickey

I love to hear my Mickey snort,
So I sing operatic arias...
Louder for him than for stinky goodness!
Dreaming and longing for snuggles,
I biggify my mancat's Full Monty:
This girlcat's lucky in love!

Speaking of being in love,
I think I'll learn to snort
Just like my mancat (mmm, his Full Monty)!
Together, we'll sing arias,
Enjoy whisker-lickin' and snuggles,
Anticipating stinky goodness.

But the joys of stinky goodness
Are second to those of love,
And right up there are snuggles
And a Manly Mancat Snort.
Hark, I'm singing arias
As I biggify that Full Monty!

An uncensored Full Monty
Trumps all stinky goodness
Again, here go my arias:
I siiiiing of joy, I siiiiing of love
I siiiiing of a mancat snort...
I biggify (again!) and yearn for snuggles.

A girlcat loves to snuggle
And she loves to see Full Montys
From her mancat: King of the Snort!
What is this, "stinky goodness?"
Yes, a distant second to love...
For love, I sing my grandest arias!

"Meow, Meeeeoooww" go my arias
"Mmmmmm, good!" are our snuggles
Mickeybear is my love.
I swoon at his Full Monty,
We'll dine on stinky goodness
And I'll smile to hear him snort!

My love, I sing you arias
Of mancat snorts and girlcat snuggles:
I give you my Monty, my heart, and my (stinky and non-stinky) goodness!

*giggle*, *wink*, *purrrrrrrr*, *blush*, and *big smile*!
(and Mom says "SQUEE!")

For more about the Sestina form, see here.
And darling Mickeybear wrote me a marvelous -- and adorable -- Sestina!


Jeter and Mickey said...

Wow and double WOW!
I love your sestina! (snort)
I can hear you singing arias now ... "oh sweet stinky goodness ..."
My mom is saying "SQUEE!"
This was so much fun. What's next Marilyn?

Dragonheart said...

Very cute sestina, Marilyn! I am grinning and laughing. That was very fun to read.

Gattina said...

Great sestina, Marilyn ! I only hope you have a nicer voice then Arthur ! If he sings arias the neighbors would call the police !

Jeter and Mickey said...

deer marilyn,
mi mom told me to reed yer sestina to mi brudder. i think it'z da gratest piece uv poetree i hav ever read! yer brillyunt!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,

Wonderful sestina your a very talented and lovely cat...Hugs and purrs Ariel

Daisy said...

This was by far the best poem, ever! It made me smile. I think you are right, an uncensored Full Monty trumps all!

michico 小芥 said...

Adorable and sweetest sestina, i love to read that.

Henry Helton said...

What a very special sestina. You guys are lucky to have eachother.

caricature said...

Great sestina - you are soooo talented Marilyn - fun read :)

Lux said...

What a beautiful sestina, Marilyn! You are so talented!