Saturday, July 21, 2007

My Acting Debut!

Mickeybear wrote me the most precious Rubáiyát -- go see! *purrrr*

I'd like to announce my acting debut! I'm so excited!

I'm playing Butterball, a kitty character in a novel by Bunnygirl, a friend and fellow writer of my mom (yes, Bunnygirl loves bunnies). Go see! You'll see that I was filmed in black and white *giggle*.

Mickeybear, darling, I hope you'll be proud of me *purrrrrr*.

And guess what. Mickey adopted a Virtual Squillion! Her name is MickLyn, and she's a Whitester, like Mickey and me. Isn't that marvelous? Here she is, and I know Mickey would love it if you went to his blog to say hello to her.

Mickeybear, I like to think of MickLyn as our little Whitester daughter *purrrrrrrr*.


Lux said...

That's very cool, Marilyn! You're a star!

Micklyn looks just like both you and Mickey, too!

lordjaders said...

Micklyn--how cute--that's virrrtually a daughterrr--literrrallly! Ms. Monrrreow, it does not surrrprrrise me that you arrre destined to act, you'rrre alrrready famous in catblogospherrre!

I am verrry happy about my new special Mancat, Ben Fuzz. He is quite exquisite is he not?

Purrrs to You,


bunnygirl said...

Thanks again for a fine performance, Marilyn!

Karen Jo said...

That's very cool, Marilyn. I like the squillion, too.

Dragonheart said...

Congratulations Marilyn! :)

MickLyn is a lovely squillion. :)

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Oh sister dear MickLyn is a sweet little daughter for the both of you love birds! Will you write poetry about her too? Thank you for coming to see me today....I slept wandering is nice, but napping is even better:)
ConCATulations on your acting debut...did you wear diamonds like your namesake?
Purrrrs from your sister Peachy