Friday, June 29, 2007

What a Ruckus!

There I was, snoozing on the JVC, when I heard a ruckus. I'm used to my siblings being rambunctious, but this was different... after all, none of them squeak, and I kept hearing "squeak, squeak, squeak!"

So I roused myself from slumber and my dreams of Mickey to see what was going on.

My little brother MaoMao had caught a mouse and had taken it to the bathroom, but by the time I got down to assist with the endeavor, MaoMao had run into the kitchen with the mouse, and Dad got it away from him shortly thereafter and put it outside.

You can read MaoMao's account of the hunt here. He was so proud of himself!

So I congratulated my brother on his hunting prowess then slipped back into sweet dreams of Mickey and contemplations of my next poem-to-be.

I think Mickey will like the Pantoum as a poetry form! It is a form characterized by "dreamy and enchanting repetitions." Sounds like just my thing, *purrrrrrrr.*


Monica said...

Wow. That sounds very exciting. I will have to go over to see what Mao Mao had to say about it.

小芥 michico said...

It sounds great~!
And I love the first photo of you, really cool~!

Gattina said...

Next time you will catch the mouse, you'll see ! I have good news, my cats are getting more and more used to little kitten Rosie !

caricature said...

That certainly seems like quite an exciting day - gotta go and check out MaoMao and what he's up to...

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

My sweet sister...I will miss you SOOOO much this weekend...I can't wait to be back home Sunday:)
Love Peachy
ps: maybe I will write a poem while I am gone into the wilderness:) you always inspire me:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,

Sorry they disturb your sleep.Mao was a good hunter very brave...Hugs Ariel

Anonymous said...

I just read the story from Mao Mao. He is a good hunter!
You live on the countryside? Me too! In Germany I lived in the second biggest city, here in Sweden it's just fields around. I think my humans find that a bit boring, but it's close to the sea, too. They both love the sea. I like my green garden! In the city I just had a balkony to sit on and watch the world around me.

Daisy said...

It's a good thing you are keeping your eye on things over there Marilyn!

Gretchen said...

You're so cool, Marilyn, to let your siblings have the mousie and all the glory.

Huggs and purrs to my friend.

lordjaders said...

I look forrrwarrrd to rrreading yourrr poem. That is verrry exciting news frrrom Mr. Chairman.
How drrreadful that you didn't get to play with the little mousie in the kitchen. Sometimes beans just don't underrrstand.

Purrrs to You,


lordjaders said...

Ms. Monreow,
I did not rrrealize that Benjamin Fuzz is yourrr brrrotherrr too?


Jeter and Mickey said...

What excitement! A live mouse in the house! I would love that!
I have begun to think about the Pantoum.
ps--Your page looks EXCELLENT! Time for me to do some work!