Saturday, May 12, 2007

Yellow Jellybean and Musical Chairs

Here's one of my favorite places to sit, other than in Mom or Dad's laps: in Mom's chair, snuggled against her fuzzy yellow jellybean. While I'm getting settled on the jellybean, I make bread on it with my paws and purr, purr, purr. Then I settle down, comfy and cozy, ready for sweet dreams of Mickey.

Often Mom and I play musical chairs: when she gets up from her chair, I jump up there and get cozy on my yellow jellybean. But if she wants her chair back, she picks me up, sits down then gets me settled in her lap or in her arms, and I'm every bit as happy.

Mickey sent me Spring dogwoods today! They are so beautiful.

Here's a special Emily Dickinson poem for him. *swoon*....

Come slowly, Eden
Lips unused to thee.
Bashful, sip thy jasmines,
As the fainting bee,
Reaching late his flower,
Round her chamber hums,
Counts his nectars -alights,
And is lost in balms!


Karen Jo said...

The yellow fuzzy jellybean looks great to snuggle with. I'm not surprised that you jump up as soon as your Mom vacates the chair.

DaisyMae Maus said...

Your snowy white fur looks especially lovely up against that yellow jellybean ... And dogwoods from Mick sound purr-fect, too.

Have a wonderful Saturday, Marilyn!


Suzanne said...

dogwoods are so lovely! i'm glad mick sent you some.

it sounds like you and your mom have fun with musical chairs and yellow jelly beans!


Halloween said...

Hi Marilyn. Thank you for visiting my blog today! You have such nice clean white fur! Uh does Joe DiMaggio know you and Mickey are an item? Just wondering!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, my friends! Yes, I love the dogwoods Mickey sent me. He is the sweetest mancat ever. Yes, my yellow jellybean is so cozy -- almost as cozy as Mom's lap.

*giggling*, Halloween! Welcome to the blogosphere, dear! And oh, Joe DiMaggio -- he's soooo yesterday's news *big kitty yawn*. Mickey is much, much sweeter *purrrrrrr*.

Dragonheart said...

Your yellow jelly bean looks very comfy! :)

Anonymous said...

It is, Dragonheart! I bet you'd like it, too -- I know that, like me, you love soft, snuggly things to sleep on.


Jeter and Mickey said...

Dear Marilyn,
Now you know my favorite spot ... and I know yours!
The poem by Emily Dickinson is beautiful... as are you!

Anonymous said...

My darling Mickey,

*blush*, thank you! The dogwoods were beautiful, dear, and your handsomeness, as ever, has my whiskers quivering.

Your ever loving,