Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day!

For Mother's Day, I'll share a couple of pictures of me and Mom cuddling. Her lap is one of my very favorite places to be.

"The Family" ~ Mary Loberg

The family
is like a garden
with joy
for all to share,
With tender, growing blossoms
that thrive on love
and care,
And when
the flowers are gathered
for a very special day,
They make
a bright and beautiful
happiness bouquet."

Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Love and kisses from Dually.


Daisy said...

That is a very pretty picture, Marilyn! I hope your Mom has a wonderful Mother's Day!

DaisyMae Maus said...

What a wonderful "fambly" picture. Your mom has cute dimples!

Happy Mothers' Day!


Jeter and Mickey said...

Dear Marilyn,
I have always admired that picture of you and your mom.
I toyed with the idea of putting up a picture of my mom and me ... but then I chose her favorite of me wearing the glasses.
Welcome to the PWKC! I was so surprised to see you there!

Marilyn MonREOW said...

Thank you, Daisy and DaisyMae! It's been a nice day, and Happy Mother's Day to you girls!

And my dear Mickey,

Surprise! *purrr*. My mom joined Catster a week or so ago and decided to put all us Ballicai in last night. We were all tickled to have badges on our blogs! And Catster looks like lots of fun. How exciting to be a member of the PWKC!

And I loved the picture of you in glasses *giggle*.

Your ever-loving Marilyn

Chen & Ollie said...

Happy Mother's Day to your Momma, Marilyn! She looks really nice, too. We especially love the second photo of you though - we can really see your gorgeous eyes!
Mr. Chen & Ollie

5Cats said...

Happy Mother's Day, Marilyn's Mom!

Boy gave Mom some chewed up grass for Mother's Day. She liked it so much she put them in a tissue. :)

Parker said...

How pretty! Snuggling with Mom is the best!

Cats ~ Goats ~ Quotes said...

What a purrrfectly pretty picture of you and your mom!
Hope you had a grand day :)