Friday, June 27, 2008

Quirk Meme

I was tagged by my gorgeous floofy friend Sweet Praline for the Quirk Meme! Here is Sweet Praline. Isn't she a beauty? I'm happy to have her as a new and dear friend!

This meme will be fun! *smile* First of all, here are the rules:

* Link to the one who tagged you.

* List the rules on your blog.

* Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.

* Tag some blogger friends with links.

* Leave a comment on their blog to let them know they've been tagged.

1. I'm the people-iest people cat Mom has ever known. She calls me a Velcro Cat. I love lying on laps and snuggling. I love Mom's lap, I love Dad's lap. And I love making new friends. When people come over, I'm always the first cat to greet them. And I often wind up on their laps, too! Here I am, snuggling with Daddy.

2. I love to stick my tongue out. Always makes Mom say SQUEE!

3. I enjoy looking at the world upside down. Especially when I'm getting scritches! In this picture, I'm on Mom's lap.

4. I love Daddy's watch band. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

5. And Mom's bras are so much fun! I bunnykick them and rub all over them. Here's a link to a video of me with one of Mom's bras.

6. Though I don't talk much, I make up for it at Stinky Goodness Time. That's when I sing my Stinky Goodness Operatic Arias, and they sound something like this: "MwwwrAAAAH! MwwwrAAAH! MwwwrAAAH!"

I'd like to tag my darling Mickeybear, my sister-friend-cousin Gretchen, and my future sister-in-law Ariel for this meme.


I'm sending my heartfelt purrs to The Cat Realm. Emil is missing, and his family fears he won't be coming home. I will continue to purr for a miracle. But if he has indeed gone to the Rainbow Bridge, he'll always be remembered, he'll always be loved. Emil, we'll miss you, sweet friend.


Praline said...

What a wonderful meme. I especially loved the bra kick video. Mom has discovered the video mode on her camera and she is going to try to put a short video on my site this weekend.

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh it's a good thing to be a people cat!

michico*Adan said...

You sure are a very friendly adorable cat~!! Marilyn, we always know that!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Those are fun quirks, Marilyn! You sound part-Sphynx! All Sphynx are velcro cats - we love people. We love cuddling and curling up in people's laps, and we love meeting new people and making new friends. :)

Ana said...

Oh Marilyn, such cute pictures again! And you know, Chica also loves to stick her tongue out, just the difference that I don't squee but tell here how stupid she looks :-)

Tybalt said...

You are indeed a lovely people cat, Marilyn!

What a wonderful picture of Emil. I am very worried about him.

The Furry Kids said...

Marilyn, everytime Momma sees a picture of you, she has to say SQUEE. hee hee


felinesopher said...

we love reading your meme....get to know you better each day, you're so funtazticly gorgeous lady!

Camie's Kitties said...

Those sound like very interesting things about you. Are you part Tonkinese. Tonks always love to greet people and love to be in everyone's lap.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

Wow, Praline is indeed a very byootiful kitty.

You are such a sweet and friendly cat, Marilyn! You're absolutely adorable.

Quasi said...

Oh, those lips, those eyes, that upside-down shot...sigh...and Praline is quite a cutie, too!

JB's Big World said...

That is a great meme. Mom and I cracked up at the bra video!
I did not know you were so social and friendly with everyone....I need to learn how to not be so scared when people come are brave once again...just like when you had your teeths done!

Lucy Stern said...

I hope they find Emil soon. We lost our Andie last year and my husband says she found the preverbal "ice berg" and drifted off to sea.

Anita said...

Muahahahaha! You´re so adorable Marilyn.

Parker said...

That was a great Meme Marilyn - I think you are a perfectly lovely lapcat!

meemsnyc said...

Oh Marilyn, we love your nickname Velcro. That is so cute. You are so cuddly and sweet! We also like your fluffy friend Praline. Very fluffy, furry kitty.

The Cat Realm said...

Sweet Marilyn - thank you so much for your condolences regarding the loss of our sweet Emil, we appreciate your coming by! And thank you for not giving up hope - I am afraid we did, we just know our environment too well.... We will miss him!
Karl and Mrs. OZ
By the way: Mrs. OZ is a velcro cat just like you, hahahahahahaha!

Beethoven said...

Great meme! I loves your tongue!

MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

Oh my beautiful darling sister. My heart jumps for joy when I see you in a perfect photo! You are a true star for sure and do your namesake such justice.
Praline is adorable isn't she...mommy wants to cuddle her up as she looks so much like Miss Minka the cat who came b4.
I am wishing you and my beloved Ballicai the most wonderful holiday weekend with lots of peaceful moments. You are my special treasured sister....

jh an Mickey Mantle said...

Happy 4th of July Marilyn.
Mom will be home soon!
Love--Your Mick

Karen Jo said...

I love your answers to the meme. It's so great to be a Velcro kitty. I love the bra-kicking video. I miss little Emil, too. You are very sweet to keep hoping for him.