Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Scattergories Meme

My future brother-in-law (*big, big smile!*) Jeter and my dear friend Gretchen tagged me for the 'Scattergories' meme. This one looks both fun and challenging!

Here are the rules:

Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions. They must be real places, names, things... nothing made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question. If your name happens to start with the same letter as mine, sorry, but you can't use my answers!

My name: Marilyn MonREOW

1. Famous Singer: Marian Anderson -- what an incredible singer she was!

2. Four letter word: Meow, of course! Though I seldom say "meow." I'm a very quiet cat except at Stinky Goodness time, but then I sing Operatic Arias which go something like this: "Mwraaaaaaaaah! Mwraaaaaaaaaah!"

3. Street: Maple Street

4. Color: Maroon

5. Gifts/Presents: Mackerel (or any fish, I'm not picky *smile*)

6. Vehicle: Motorcycle (I don't think I'd like to ride, but Mom and Dad love it!)

7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Mirrors

8. Boy Name: Mickey (*swoon*)

9. Girl Name: MickLyn (*giggle*

10. Movie Title: My Fair Lady (I love being Mickey's Fair Lady *smile*)

11. Drink: Manhattan Special

12. Occupation: Musician

13. Celebrity: Mickey Mantle, of course -- a New York Legend! *smile* (and *swooooon*)

14. Magazine: Mother Jones

15. U.S. City: Mountain City

16. Pro Sports: Motocross

17. Fruit: Mandarin oranges

18a. Reason for Being Late for Work: MaoMao pestered me in the litterbox

18b. Another Reason for Being Late for Work: Mom's bras

19. Something You Throw Away: Moldy left-overs (ew)

20. Things You Shout: Mercy Me!

21. Cartoon Character: Mickey Mouse (though my Mickey is no mouse!)

My darling Mickeybear has already been tagged by his NOMSS friend Titus, and many other kitties have already been tagged. So I'm tagging whoever wants to play! Have fun.

And I'm sending love and purrs and comfort to Karl and the Staff at The Cat Realm. I miss Ana so much.


zevo calamari said... pet human is screaming for me to get off the mac...
love your meme!

Henry Helton said...

Ooh, this is a very nice meme, Marilyn. You did a great job.

Tara said...

Mercy Me? That's pretty cute!!

I may have to try this one....


Gretchen said...

I love your scatagory coments.


Gretchen said...

Ooops! I've saying scatagories all along and I just realized it's Scattergories....can't see, can't spell worth two cents...

Benjamin Fuzz said...

that's an excellent meme, marilyn!

re the yamaha: five years ago, suzanne threw up on the cable box. in the cable box. whatever. (mol) it was wrecked (i was going to say 'toast', but it was definitely NOT toast!) mom had to buy a new one.