Friday, August 31, 2007

New Snooze Spots

Since I can no longer lounge on the Yamaha (I barfed in it the other day - ACK), I've been scoping the house for new, choice snooze spots. And I thought I'd share with you several of my favorites.

Here I am on the purr pad on the little desk by the door. I love to lie with my head upside down. As my mancat Mickeybear knows (he writes poems about it, *giggle*!), I like to turn my head upside down while lying on my Mom and Dad's laps, too, especially when they're giving me scritches! They're always joking about how amazed they are that I never get cricks in my neck.

And here I am on the dresser in the bedroom. Mom and Dad keep folded there a pile of snuggly, winter clothes especially for me. And by the time winter comes, those clothes will be well-coated with white kitty hair which, as we all know, is highly fashionable! Cat hair of any color is an excellent accessory for beans' clothing, don't you think? When winter comes, Mom and Dad will put something else on the dresser that's cozy and snuggly for me to lie on. We Ballicai have our parents well-trained!

Here's the strangest spot: a piece of packing that came with Dad's computer case. It's the perfect size for me, don't you think? And here I am, looking over my shoulder, blowing a kiss to my darling Mickey!

The packing makes a good podium, too. Here I am, reciting a funny little poem (a highly modified Lento) I wrote for my sweet Mickey:

Lucky girlcat, yes I am
Plucky and besotted!
My mind's awhirl in poesy
My heart's all hot-a-trotted.

Entrance me, dear? You always do.
Dance to where I wait...
Romance you, dear? I'm happy to...
Perchance you'll do a Monty!


Mickeybear and I will be participating in Silence & Remembrance, hosted by Kashim & Othello, and I will light my candle on Saturday.


Henry Helton said...

Those are some really great pictures. I think I would like to lay in that packing stuff, too.

michico 小芥 said...

That is a very perfect new spot for you.
You always so poise, I just love seeing you doing any pose~!!!

Crochetoholic Debb said...

Oh Marilyn your so funny...I like your snooze spots, I like the egg crate too!!!

Benjamin Fuzz said...

computer packing materials are great snooze spots. it's good that your mom and dad have figured out how best to please you...cozy spots for sweet girls.

your brother

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Your poem made us giggle. Speshully da part bout doing a full monty, duzzent Mickey do those alot...

Dragonheart said...

It looks like you've found some good sleeping spots, Marilyn. I like to sleep with my head upside down sometimes too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,

You look lovely in all your snooze spots.Also cute poem...Hugs and Purrs

zevo calamari said...

Great photos!

DEBRA said...


I just love the little snuggly spot that your Dad provided to you. THAT is great! You look stunning in all the pictures though.

Purrs and snuggles

Anonymous said...

Marilyn you are such a good poet. We really like your new hang out places. Trixie likes to lay on a really old ratty sweater that mom keeps specially for her. We also claim any boxes that come into the house until we are done with them.

The Furry Kids said...

Those are great snoozing spots. I'll tell you a little secret. Back when EG had surgery, Mom bought disposable litterboxes for him. She had one leftover and she set it on top of the dryer for a minute while she was moving stuff around in the laundry room. I jumped right up there, laid down, and went right to sleep. I have napped in there every time the dryer has been on ever since. It's the best napping spot.


Daisy said...

That packing box thingy looks just your perfect size, Marilyn!

Tyler said...

Do you have a set rotation of resting spots? Or do you like to be near your beans when you rest?
I especially like the top of the dresser spot with the winter clothes on it. I wish my mom would do the same. Instead she has a stupid fax machine and a telephone. She could put those on the floor and leave the prime real estate for the poodins. Hey mom, how about moving the machines? Thanks Marilyn for the excellent idea. Bye.

Hot(M)BC said...

That packing place looks like a great snooze spot.
your bud Pepi

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Dearest sister! Now I can help mommy do the domestics with tears in my eyes. She has me helping her clean for the holiday weekend. I inspect the clean areas afterward for any oversight on her part!
I did not sleep well last night...I met a lady name Jodi on the Cat Blogosphere (yesterdays post). Do you know she is an angel!? I wonder if anybody would buy my jouls if I put them up for sale so she can have green papers to help give her kitties hope? Like an auction... What do you think? Some kitties have no hope at all...can you just imagine how sad the lives of so many are? Mommy kitty nusing her 3 kittens while she is in unbearable pain from an eye injury so ghastly I could just faint!! (Please pass my smelling salts!)I can hardly bear this thought as I sit in splendor out on my patio surrounded with food I don't even eat! I want to be a millionair...RIGHT NOW....boy am I on my Victorian soapbox today.
I must ponder this well....please advise:)

Benjamin Fuzz said...

sweet sister marilyn, a hug from your big brother!

peach has an idea that i think is worth exploring. i wrote a longer comment on her post about some things that came to mind. would you read it and let peach and i both know what you think?


Lux said...

I'm impressed; those are all *great sleeping spots!

Gretchen said...

I think your sleeping places are just grand. My blog is about another one of my napping places...we think alike. I think the packing box thingy was made special just for you. You look good in it.
I liked you poem, too.
Hugs, sweet friend... G