Friday, August 17, 2007

A Gift From My Mickeybear!

There I was, lying on packaging from the computer case box, which I've claimed as my latest, most interesting Cat Spot, when I heard Mom say, "Mail Call for Miss Marilyn!" Could it be, could it be...?

Ahhhh, a package from my Mickeybear! What a delight! I'm missing him so much, and receiving a gift from him while he's away makes him feel closer again.

Brainball was interested in the package, too! I wonder what's in there, she asked me.

But Mom let me open the package, and... oh, how precious: a New York Yankees baseball cap, in exactly my size! And in the sweet note Mickey sent, he said that I, Marilyn MonREOW, am now an Official New York Yankees Fan.

And yummy.... Temptations! You certainly know many ways to a girlcat's heart, Mickeybear. (Please ignore the awful looking box in the background -- it's an old box that we Ballicai have shredded practically to bits. Mom and Dad always keep boxes for us in the kitchen, and they have varying degrees of structural integrity, *giggle*.)

And here I am trying on my cap, except I think caps are meant to be worn on heads, not necks, aren't they? I'll have to work on my cap-wearing skills. Wearing caps is more challenging than writing poetry!

I love my Yankees cap, the Temptations, and your note, Mickey dear. Thank you so much for your sweet gifts. I'm happy to be a New York Yankees fan, and I'm especially happy to be a forever fan of my darling Mickeybear Mantle... and his Kittypie!

Brainball wanted to try on the cap, too. She was better about wearing it on her head, but she put it on backward. *giggle*! I guess we both need to work on our cap wearing skills! But we'll do so, and pictures will be forthcoming!


Pablo said...

I'm sure you'll develop cap-wearing skills in no time! Hope those treats cheer you up while Mick's away.

Gretchen said...

Awww, your NYY cap so cute. I don't wear hats, scarfs, not even a collar. I can't stand anything on me but my fur. My papa bean says I have rabbit fur.

Hugs to you, good friend. Gretchen

michico 小芥 said...

Wowww, I am so happy you got such a great package~!
I am totally agree with you, Temptations is the best way to show his heart~~ I can understand how much Mickeybear love you~!

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

What a thoughtful mancat Mickey is. Taking such good care of you before he goes on holiday: Food, a love note, and clothing...what more can a lady ask for?

Thanks to you my sweet sister and your famliy, I now have nine extra lives I could use if needed. Where do I find the words to convey how happy this has made me?
I just do not know because I am over the top in bliss.
Love to you dearest treasured kitties from Peachy

Karen Jo said...

Mickey is really thinking of you. How sweet of him to send you a package to keep your spirits up while he is away. The cap is great and I'm sure you will get the hang of wearing it soon. Enjoy the Temptations.

Ariel said...

Hi Marilyn,

What a wonderful gift Mickey is a very sweet and thoughtful boyfriend...Hugs and Purrs Ariel

The Cat Realm said...

That was a wonderful and funny post! we love - I love the pictures (Anastasia is too grumpy to go near the computer...)
Come and see Anastasia in the Groucho Marx glasses AND I am giving away a price today!

Gattina said...

Oh my you are really spoilt what a nice gift ! And don't worry about wearing caps even I put them in the wrong way. Best is sit on it !

Daisy said...

That was very sweet of Mickey to send you a special present. I must agree that wearing hats is very, very hard. Even cute ones like that.

The Furry Kids said...

What a wonderful surprise!!! I think cap wearing takes some practice. Momma always has to adjust hers around her ponytail or pigtails. You'll get the hang of it. It's going to look so great against your furs!


PS - Momma leaves boxes in the kitchen for us, too. I had no idea that other kitty parents did the same thing. :giggle:

Caesar and Princess said...

What a wonderful surprise package and very very cool treasures for every one of you.

Marilyn, you are sooo pretty

Purrrrs, Prin

Henry Helton said...

Wow, you guys are really in kitty love, aren't you? Those are some pretty cool gifts. I especially like the temptations.

michico 小芥 said...

Dearest Marilyn, come and join Adan's 10 year celebration~!!!

Jeter and Mickey said...

The cap looks fabulous on your neck!