Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jade's Wearing the Wig!

Check out my friend, Jade -- I helped her out with Anastasia's pink wig so that she'll be ready to go with some lucky mancat to a Ball. Isn't she just the picture of glamour!

And thank you, dear Jade, for honoring me with my third Rockin' Girl Blogger award. I'm touched and very happy *purrr, purrr, purrr*.

If anykitty would like me to help you with the pink wig, please let me know in a comment *smile*.

(Love and whisker-kisses to my darling Mickeybear!)


caricature said...

Wow ~ Jade looks great!
Many congrats on the Rockin' Girl Blogger award ~ you truly deserve it :)

Donny and Marie and Casey said...

You sure made her look so glamourous! Daddy made me look like I slept on one side and kinked my wig!


Jeter and Mickey said...

How nice of you to help Jade with her pink wig. She does look pretty in pink!
Yes ... I love the whimsical side of you! That was my favorite poem!
Did you see the picture Jeter posted of us? He's really a great brother ... and because he is ... I allow him to play with my tail when he wants!

Monty Q. Kat said...

(Pssst...it's MomBean, can you help me with Monty, please?)

Daisy said...

Jade looks pretty in the pink wig!

Millie said...

I need help with the wig. Mom is good at lotsa stuff, but she doesn't know how to photoshop.

Thanks Marilyn. Pink is my favorite color.

lordjaders said...

AAaahhh! How chick I look! Ms. Monrrreow you arrre such a dearrr forrr helping me out. I haven't been able to talk much this week and I'll be gone again until next Monday. You've been verrry busy on yourrr bloggie and so I know I'll have some catching up to do.
Thank you forrr yourr kindness.