Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sharing the JVC

I feel the need to toot my horn a bit: I'm a good sister. I have a young sister, Dorydoo. You may have read about her on MaoMao's blog. Though we have very different purr-sonalities, we're both arboreal kitties -- we love to jump, and we love to snooze on the JVC. The JVC is prime kitty real estate around here!

Dorydoo and I have gotten JVC time-sharing down to an art. In the beginning, we used to hiss and spew at each other a little bit, but no more. We've gotten good at taking turns. And as the eldest girlkitty here, it's important that I set a good example.

Here's Dorydoo on the JVC...

And here's me, patiently waiting my turn, thinking about Mickey, and watching Mom eat watermelon. I really don't understand why humans like watermelon so much. All that seed-spitting strikes me as rather undignified.

Ali mentioned that he and Mickey and Miss Peach and I might enjoy double-dating at an aviary or an aquarium! I'm sure we would be served a delightful dinner at either place, and neither fish nor birds have seeds. Miss Peach and I would never want to spit in front of our mancats -- ah, perish the thought! *giggle* -- so no watermelon for us.

Just to let you know, my darling Mickey, I'm going to write a Dorsimbra for you soon!


Dragonheart said...

I am glad that you and Dorydoo share the JVC. It looks like a great place to hang out.

Karen Jo said...

I am glad that you and Dorydoo have worked out a sharing agreement on the JVC. Eating watermelon can be rather undignified. I only like to do it outdoors.

Anonymous said...

Hi my new sister!
Have fun on your date!
I don't understand lots of things the humans eat. Food has to be fishy, meaty, vanilla - milk like, salty or just living (like flies and spiders).
A water melon has nothing of that.

Jeter and Mickey said...

I will wait to post for today ... I will practice writing a Dorsimbra!

caricature said...

Nice to see how u've worked out your timetable with Dorydoo regarding the JVC. I'm not fond of watermelons either though some beans like them alot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn,

Your a great sister to share with Dorydoo.My mommy loves watermelon too.Have you ever tasted the juice it's sweet and delicious.I would never want Mao it see me spit either.
Humans can be alittle weird sometimes...Huggs and Purrs Ariel

DEBRA said...

Isn't sitting on the box nice? It is warm and a nice snuggle spot. your sister is very purrty!


Daisy said...

Sharing is good! You are a good sister.

I think you should avoid spaghetti on your first date too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn, it is so nice dat you share wit Dorydoo. Sometimes we haff a hard time sharing, specially Trixie. Our beans like watermelon too but mom buys da seedless kind so no spitting in our house.

jcfloresinc said...

You two contrast each other so well. You seem very patient to wait for your turn Merilyn, what a nice sister you are. And you take turns, that wonderful. Tigger is a brat, he never takes turns. Have a good day.
Samantha & Tigger

jcfloresinc said...

PS: Marilyn, we saw on your music player, the name Chandra. Is that your Mom's name? Our Mom's name is Chandra.
Samantha & Tigger

Ali & Fiona said...

Our momma hates watermelon so she understands your thoughts on watermelon. About the date you ladies pick the day and time and we men will be there with bells on. I will practice my singing just for you ladies.

Your Friend,

zevo calamari said...

Dorydoo looks like my roomie Nubi wan kenobi... maybe they are related. My pet human adopted him.

Have a great time on your date,
zevo calamari

Lux said...

That's great that you have both learned how to share. My mom and dad both love those watermelon thingies, but they try to get ones w/o many seeds. Still ... they usually end up spitting at least one out.