Saturday, May 26, 2007

True Kitty Confessions!

My darling Mickey and I have been waxing pretty poetic lately, huh? Mmmmm, fun!!(And soon I'm going to write him a *swoon* sonnet...) But today, I thought I'd start a meme. I got to thinking... I bet we all have things we do which our humans would rather we not do. I'll share mine if you'll share yours!

The rules for this meme are loosey-goosey: list as many things as you want, in whatever manner you want, and tag as many kitties as you want. Have fun, everybody!

1. I get up on the counter and shred the paper towels.

2. But I (usually) don't do it when Mom and Dad can see or hear me.

3. I do it when Mom and Dad are sleeping.

4. So that they have a little surprise when they get up!

5. I also jump on the counter when Mom is cooking. A LOT. I'm very persistent when it comes to food.

6. So dozens of times in the course of cooking, Mom has to pick me up, set me gently on the floor, and say, "No, Dually."

7. But of course I keep on jumping up. At least until I get bored. I think white kitty fur is a pretty garnish for human meals, don't you?

Kitties have to keep humans on their toes. It's one of our most important duties as felines.

And I tag...

My darling mancat Mickey

My little brother MaoMao (Really, he's the one who should have started this meme... I bet his list will be humongous, like the length of War and Peace...)







(And no, this isn't a sneaky attempt to get my little brother MaoMao to confess his transgressions... *giggle!*)


Marie the Defender said...

Hehe, thanks for tagging me - this new meme is cool!

I can't wait to read Chairman Mao's!

I will post mine tomorrow!

Daisy said...

Marilyn, you are a cute little minx! I am going to start working on my confessions for tomorrow!

Monica said...

Hi Marilyn. How smart of you to start a brand new tag game. That's very clever.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, troo confeshuns. Dis cood be fun, thanks fur tagging me. I'll have to give this some thot.~Zippy

Anonymous said...

I shred paper too yet toilet paper. I put my answers up go see.Thanks for tagging me Great Meme...Huggs Ariel

Lux said...

Thanks for the tag!

Those things you do don't sound so bad - they just sound like fun!!! :)

DaisyMae Maus said...

Cute "true confessions" ... Thanks for starting this meme, Marilyn!

Miss Peach>(^,^) said...

Sweet Marilyn, thank you for coming to visit me:)
You are a stunning movie star looking kinda cat! Wow those jewels in the snow!
I love reading your poetry very much. My bean once rescued a small kit just like you white with odd colored eyes for our Pastor and his wife. They wanted a cat to live on their boat with them. Her name is Fiona and she loves being on the boat. They are in Mexico right now...that's far away.
So glad you are my new furrrrend.

Marie the Defender said...

My meme is up now! :)

Karen Jo said...

You are not very naughty, Marilyn. Inspecting food is a catly duty.

jcfloresinc said...

Marilyn, you are so smart. "True Kitty Confessions" very nice. Have a safe Memorial day.
Samantha & Tigger

The Ginger Darlings said...

You are one very beautiful white cat